Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Jazz Tribute to Indonesian Heroes

We must proud of our Indonesian Heroes
After a wonderful performance of  'a Jazz Tribute to Indonesia Folksongs' in last September,  I and my friends watched a very special and unique concert called 'A Jazz Tribute to Indonesian Heroes, last night. In Indonesia, November is knowns as month of commemorating the Indonesian heroes. 

The Swing Boss Jazz band presented the exotic style of swing and bossanova with many songs about heroes theme in Indonesia. The songs were 'Gugur Bunga', 'Maju Tak Gentar', 'Kartini', 'Kopral Jono', and so on. They gave us special arrangement of many legendary songwriters like Kusbini, Alfred Simanjuntak, Husein Mutahar, Liberty Manik, Ismail Marzuki and many more. I and my friends, Yessi and Rahma enjoyed their performance. I gave them two thumbs up for their performance.

In the middle of their concert, there's one performance from Neno was known as a 'Trumpet Man'. He and The Swing Boss Jazz band performed 'Kartini' song. " amazing his show," he could produce a sound of trumpet just from his mouth. "I couldn't stop smiling in his performance". :)

Neno, "A Trumpet Man"
After that, I watched a show of acappella group performance from 'Sion A Cappella'. Four mans who were very dynamic, active, and enthusiastic. I ever watched their performance before and I like it. Afterward, on last night performance, I still like them. They sang a Korpal Jono's song. The harmonization of their voice still sound very well. Their combination of sounds were interesting. They were very inspiring. "Opaaaaa opaaaaa..  I love youuu" *screammm

My Lovely Opaaa
The special performance came from Ronni Waluya, ex Kahitna singer and Sarah Hadju (his wife), ex Coklat band singer. I thought, Ronni was the one who made last night so attractive. He could create a warm atmosphere from his audiences. All audiences enjoyed the performances. "So do I." 

Rooni Waluya perform
Sarah Hadju perform
Before the end of the show, Ronni and Sarah asked two audiences went to the stage. Then, they sang 'Kebyar-Kebyar' song together. Here were the lucky one.

They sang together
Unfortunately, the show was only in one hour when I hope the show would be held for more than one hour. I didn't feel that perform would be as soon as this time. I hoped they would perform again in another time. The Swing Boss Jazz Band, please give me an information if you want to make another show. Insya Allah I will come again. Hehe ^^

I'm very glad to have you, Our Indonesian Heroes

*all foto was taken from my HTC

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